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The Internet of Things

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10 reasons to work with Concirrus

What are our benefits at a glance?

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Our Platform

Organise the Internet of Things with Concirrus’ innovative Connect platform.

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Products & Services

Explore the growing portfolio of pre-built IoT applications

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Collision Management System

Understand why CMS chose Concirrus to define new insurance solutions

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Leading the ‘Internet of Things’ evolution for organisations worldwide


Concirrus transforms businesses by using technology to collect, manage and organise information from a huge range of products and machines connected via the internet.

This concept is known as the ‘Internet of Things’, and it’s enabled early adopters to reshape their sectors and gain a clear advantage over competitors.

How would your organisation benefit from significantly greater knowledge and control over your assets in the field or an increased interaction with the customers using your products?

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Why is Concirrus the number one Internet of Things solutions partner?



Our secure, scalable and robust cloud platform enables you to connect any data source or device, draw any data type, and issue commands as required.


Benefit from our growing portfolio of pre-built applications that can be tailored to your requirements and controlled through our user-friendly interface.

Custom Solutions

Concirrus can devise the optimal Internet of Things solution for your organisation, integrating with existing hardware and software as required.

Incident monitoring

Fully integrated with our cloud platform is Concirrus’s 24-hour secure incident monitoring centre that can be used to respond to a wide range of alarms.

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Can the Internet of Things enhance my business?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the fast-growing number of objects that can be connected and controlled online.

The scope is limitless, with the ability to add sensors and actuators to everything from trains to trees.

Organisations are capitalising on this technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and deliver new services to customers.

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What is our market-leading philosophy?

Concirrus has been closely involved with the progression of this technology from M2M to IoT over the last 10 years.

Our mission was to make the Internet of Things model easy to implement and operate for organisations.

The result is an end-to-end solution consisting of our robust cloud platform with associated applications and services.

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