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Concirrus take a fresh approach to solving the challenges faced by the insurance industry. Our Quest products access and interpret large sets of static demographic and dynamic behaviour-based data sets, and combine these with historical claims information to reveal the behaviours that correlate to claims. The outcome is new insights and rating factors that simply did not exist before, the ability to better deploy risk capital, improve loss ratios and drive down operating costs.

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Quest Marine, ANALYTICS

Digitalisation in Marine Insurance - Part two

In the second of a four part blog series, Mark Phillips, Concirrus' Head of Sales, talks about how data and analytics can be used to segment and optimise your existing portfolio.

By: Mark Phillips

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Quest Marine, Marine Insurance

Quest Marine uncovers insights to improve marine loss ratio by 7%

Commercial marine insurance is highly competitive and operating costs are at an all-time high. Read about how one commercial marine insurer used Concirrus' software, Quest Marine, to uncover brand new insights and small changes they could make to reduce their loss ratio by 7%. 

By: Harriet Muir

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marineinsurance, Insurtech, Data, risk, questmarine

Digitalisation in Marine Insurance - Part one

In this first of a three part blog series, Mark Phillips, Concirrus' Head of Sales, talks about the need for insurers to change the way they look at risk, and the types of data that can help paint a more accurate representation of risk.

By: Mark Phillips