Enhanced Intelligence for Insurance.

Behaviour is a better indicator of risk

We firmly believe that real life behaviour is a better indicator of risk than demographics. With this in mind, we’re working with insurers to revolutionise the way they operate.

Data holds the key to behaviour

The Internet of Things and live datasets now provide insurers with new information on the behaviour of assets and the causes of risk. Our software, Quest, enables insurers to monitor and actively manage risk in real time, reducing their losses and increasing profits.

A new approach is required

So we’re pushing the boundaries of what insurers are able to achieve. With slick, intuitive software and powerful new datasets insurers are able to create new business models that give them an advantage in highly competitive markets.

We are Concirrus

We are working with some of the most high profile global insurers in personal and commercial lines. Find out more about our products and how we can work with your organisation and help prepare for a connected future. 

Concirrus. Enhanced intelligence for insurers.