Actively manage risk in real time

Welcome to Quest Motor

Quest Motor proves that real-time behaviour is a better indicator of risk than demographics. With drivers and vehicles becoming ever more connected, telematics enable insurers to see and manage risk in powerful new ways. 

Quest Motor brings multiple connected data sources together into one, simple, easy to use application and analyses them for new insight. It allows insurers to create business rules around these new insights, automating them and creating powerful new connected policies for a decisive competitive advantage.

A clear understanding of behaviour and risk

With telematics and other connected datasets such as traffic patterns, Quest provides a clear view of risk. With insight into the driving behaviour of every customer, risk can be selected and managed more effectively, resulting in increased profits.

Encourage safer driving behaviour

Quest alerts insurers to speeding, fast cornering, tailgating and other dangerous behaviours. With this information at their fingertips, insurers can work to encourage safer driving behaviour amongst their customers.

First Notification of Loss

Using the latest telematics devices, Quest provides real-time alerts for accidents allowing insurers to act quickly to mitigate losses. These alerts also mean insurers can offer a smooth, efficient service to their customers.

Easy to use

Quest is simple to use and easy to set up. It also works with a range of different hardware options. With Quest, you’ll be able to use our user-friendly, intuitive web application to manage connected policies with your customers.