Enhanced Intelligence for Insurance.

Quest proves that behaviour is a better indicator of risk than demographics

Quest is our new AI-powered insurtech software platform. It proves that real-time behaviour is a better indicator of risk than demographics. 

Quest collects and analyses connected datasets, providing insurers with behavioural insight that allows them to better select and actively manage their risks for improved commercial performance.

Telematics has revolutionised motor insurance, but this is only the beginning. From driving behaviour to traffic patterns and police crime statistics, Quest brings together multiple data sources, giving insurers a powerful new view of their risks and allowing them to increase profit margins.

The world of shipping is undergoing a technological revolution and marine insurers cannot afford to be left behind. From vessel movement data to port statistics and engine diagnostics, Quest connects marine insurers to the bridge of their vessels, allowing them to develop powerful new products and business models.

Make data silos a thing of the past

The Concirrus platform brings data from multiple IoT sources together in a secure cloud environment. From smart phones and wearables to connected cars and traffic data, our platform negates the need for insurers to establish relationships with every hardware manufacturer and data source available.

Bring your data to life

Concirrus work closely with insurers to help them utilise data sources in a way that benefits their organisation. Automated rules are set through which the data is interpreted, translating unstructured, raw information into human events. “A car is cornering at 50mph”. “A ship has just moved into a danger zone”. Machine learning allows insurance contracts to become live, tracking assets and risk in real-time.

Interpret risk differently

With machine learning translating the raw data into human events, cause and effect can be measured with greater accuracy. New behaviour patterns and sources of risk can be uncovered, allowing insurers to select customer portfolios that match their appetite and develop new business opportunities.

More time for creative tasks

Our platform seamlessly integrates existing enterprise IT systems, leveraging historical data and automating the interpretation of complex information. This augmented intelligence leaves insurance personnel free to devise new policies and products, targeting the specific needs of their customers.