Actively manage risk in real-time

Welcome to Quest Marine 

The way in which vessels, cargo, ports and marine organisations are managed is a direct contributor to risk. Quest Marine combines behavioural, situational and live environmental data with an insurer’s own claims history, and uses predictive analytics and machine learning to provide insights that help insurers actively manage their risks in real time.

With automated alerts, live exposure data and easily accessible fleet and vessel information, Quest is the first connected marine insurance platform. A user-friendly, secure web application Quest is continually improved and enhanced by our cutting-edge analytics environment.

A closer relationship with customer

With movement data, weather patterns, port information, engine performance data and more, insurers are literally connected to the bridge of the vessel. This is the basis of a more efficient, mutually beneficial relationship with customers where risks are lowered and costs reduced.

Monitor risk in real time

Having identified new insights around risk, vessels and fleets can be tracked for a range of high risk behaviours, such as entering war zones or dangerous areas. Receive alerts and monitor these behaviours in real time as part of a connected policy.

Accurate information at the click of a button

Up to 10 years cleansed historical data available for over 200,000 vessels worldwide with regular updates. Make intelligent decisions around new risk quickly and efficiently with the latest vessel information.

Just the beginning…

We combine machine learning and data analytics with beautifully designed software to develop new and increasingly effective ways for insurers to manage their risk. We work with our customers to discover new ways to make this happen, improving and expanding Quest as we go. 

If you’d like to understand how Quest could help you reduce your losses and increase your revenue, contact us to find out more.